Posted: Aug 26, 2020

Health and Safety Coordinator

Salary: $42,000.00 - $46,000.00 Annually
Application Deadline: Aug 31, 2020

Position requires working with staff/classrooms in both Butler County and Armstrong County  




  1. Assist in the developing, updating and implementing the organizational plans of the Center   

 according to Head Start Program Performance Standards.


  1. Assist the QA/H/N Director with programmatic issues related to health and nutrition.


  1. Assist the QA/H/N Director to ensure that all facilities of the Center are maintained in a manner that meets  

      DHS regulations and Head Start Performance Standards, related to health, nutrition and



  1. Participate in the annual Head Start self-assessment process that results in the annual action plan and addresses the objectives in the organization’s five-year goals.


  1. Ensure that all children and families receive services specified in performance standards,

 regulations and guidance from funding source, related to health, nutrition and disabilities.


  1. Be responsible for the daily operations and administration of the CACFP program for Head    

     Start/Child Care and Family Home Providers.


  1. Ensure that all CACFP regulations and guidelines are followed for all programs and is responsible for updating and maintaining the organization’s CACFP manual.


  1. Coordinate the process of assessing children, including initial screenings, ongoing developmental   

 and specialized assessments to determine if a disability exists.


  1. Participate in the recruitment, supervision and hiring and evaluating of health, nutrition, and

            health staff.


  1. Serve as a consultant to staff in the area of health, nutrition, and safety service and as a

      resource person to other managerial staff.


  1. Coordinate the training for staff and parents regarding health, and nutrition according

      to DHS and Head Start or other funding source regulations.


  1. Ensure all classrooms are periodically observed to ensure health/nutrition, and safety

      performance standards are being met.


  1. Participate in staffing meetings for children and families served and assist in developing and

            implementing plans to meet identified needs of people served.


  1. Provide community outreach and professional development related to health, and nutrition.


  1. Build collaboration with community agencies by attending community meetings, community

      events and supporting other social service agency efforts.


  1. Co-chair a Health/Disabilities Advisory Committee, consisting of Butler County Children's

            Center staff, parents, and community representatives.


  1. Assist the CEO to ensure that all possible public and private sources of funding are utilized for

      program support.


  1. Attend all recommended training, meetings and in-service workshops. Maintain an up to date

            PDR and individual training plan.


  1. Promote Butler County Children’s Center in the community.


  1. Staff will support the program-wide adoption of the teaching pyramid model to promote the development of young children’s social-emotional competence and address challenging behavior.


  1. Staff will create and maintain a positive organizational culture by demonstrating the program-wide behavioral expectations in their social interactions with children, families, community members and colleagues.


  1. Assume other related duties as assigned by the QA/H/N Director.





  1. Ability to communicate with classroom staff and parents, must be able to exchange accurate

  information in these situations.


  1. Must demonstrate evidence of strong organizational skills.


  1. Must be able to demonstrate effective communication skills.





  1. The Health/Nutrition/Safety Coordinator must have a Bachelor Degree in Health or a related field from an accredited college or university.


  1. Three (3) years work experience with families, preferably low-income preferred.


  1. Five (5) years of experience working with preschool aged children preferred.






  1. Ability to frequently move about inside the office to access file cabinets and office machinery.


  1. Ability to operate a computer or other office equipment such as a calculator, copy machine or

     computer printer.


  1. Ability to observe staff and child behavior in a classroom setting.


  1. Capable of lifting 20 pounds.




How To Apply:

Please forward resume to Nancy Feth at [email protected] and reference this job title.